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>> OZ-YW100G-150G-B Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
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OZ-YW100G-150G-B Oxygen Source Ozone Generator

OZ-YW100G-150G-B Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
  • OZ-YW100G-150G-B Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
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OZ-YW100G-B, OZ-YW150G-B Oxygen Source Ozone Generator for Water Treatment.

OZ-Y series complete ozone machine for air purification, water treatment, food sterilization, keep fruit, vegetable fresh, extend the shelf life, it also can use for produce ozone water or ozone ice for shrimp, fish, meat, seafood, disinfection and retain freshness.


1. High-tech power supply unit (PSU)
The high-Tech power supply unit (PSU) is the kernel technology of this series of products which include two (2) major processing: frequency conversion and pressure increase. It has rather high load capacity and multi-protection function which are stable and high efficientcy.

2.Use anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials (polyfluortetraethylene, components made of stainless steel 316L)

3. High ozone concentration: install ceramic or enamel corona discharge tube, with both external and internal cooling, thus large cooling area, easy heat dissipation, low temperature rise and high efficiency.

4. Easy operate, complete oxygen source ozone generator with air compressor, oxygen concentrator and ozonator, all inside.

5. Long serivice life, with protection design in each machine.






Oxygen flow rate




Ozone output












Cooling water flow









This oxygen source ozone generator, with stable ozone output and high ozone concentration, safe and powerful for food & drinking water treatment.

Ozone Generator for Drinking Water & Bottling

Ozone is a more powerful oxidizing agent than chlorine but unlike chlorine it does not lead to the formation of THMs (tri-halomethanes) or complex chlorinated compounds which are believed to cause cancer.

Ozone can treat a large spectrum of water issues including:

Bacteria, including iron bacteria

Heavy metals such as iron and manganese

Organic contaminants such as tannin and algae

Microbes such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Amoebae, etc, All known viruses

Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)


Ozone is a beverage bottlers' dream.

Ozone's powerful disinfection capability, high oxidation ability and short half-life makes it the ideal candidate to perform the following critical functions in a bottling plant:

Disinfect the bottled water from all bacteria & viruses including E.coli, cryptosporidium, and rotavirus

Treat the bottled water precipitating heavy metals such as iron and manganese, removing colour, tannin and hydrogen sulfide

Clean and disinfect the bottles including reusable bottles prior to bottling

Clean and disinfect bottling equipment

Clean and disinfect the bottle caps

Create a sterile environment in the air found between the water surface and the bottle cap


Why Use Ozone? 

What oxidizer can kill bacteria, impart no adverse taste or odor, be tested and verified that it is present and have no residual when consumed? Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide cannot work without

filtration/destruction. Ultraviolet cannot. Ozone is the only choice left.


Ozone Generator for Food

Ozone's powerful disinfection capability has made it very useful in many areas of food processing and packaging. As concerns about the health effects of chlorine treatment by-products rise, ozone is gaining an important role in many food applications.


1.    Fruit and vegetable disinfection.

2.    Poultry chiller water treatment

3.    Spice and nut disinfection

4.    Meat and seafood disinfection

5.    Food storage to extend shelf-life and prevent pest infestation (grains, potatoes etc)

6.    Ozonated ice for extending shelf-life of seafood, and produce

7.    Wheat tempering with ozonated water to reduce microbial count in flour

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