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Ozone Disinfection in Dairy Operations

Ozone treatment is high treatment efficiency, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Implementing good hygienic practices on dairy farms produces high-quality, safe raw milk. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent active against various microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, molds, and protozoa.

Ozone disinfection has been used in many stages of the dairy operation, it can remove milk residue and biofilm-forming bacteria from surfaces in milk processing, sterilizing tools help ensure milk quality, safe dairy products, up to standards, and an overall cleaner environment.

Ozone for livestock drinking water treatment.

The livestock drinking water is one of the main factors determining the quality of milk output, ozone is effective for ensure and improve the water quality with ability to solve the problems of pathogens, viruses, molds, and heavy metals in the water.


Dairy farm air purification

Another usage of ozone at dairy farms is a low concentration air treatment in the barn to destroy airborne pathogens and eliminate that pungent manure smell. It can prevents infections and illness increasing milk production and decreasing veterinarian costs.Dairy Tools and Equipment disinfection

Ozone can also be used for cleaning tools. Ozone is not only used to care for livestock. Ozone can also disinfect the living environment, milk containers, milking tools, and the storage environment. Also, Ozone increases preservation time as well as product shelf life.


Ozone for dairy farm effluent treatment

The pipelines which carry the milk from individual milking stations to the bulk tank must be cleaned after every milking. Using chemicals and hot water for the cleaning and disinfection processes consumes a large amount of energy, water, and chemicals that then washes out into the groundwater.

The use of ozone can considerably reduce chemical and water costs on dairy farms. Using 0.4–1.2 ppm ozoned water to clean and disinfect animals, milking equipment, and various surfaces within the dairy. Many hygienic problems can be prevented by washing the animal’s hind legs, udder, and teats with ozonated water before milking.


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