Introduction to Ozone Generator

Introduction to Ozone Generator

How does the ozone generator produce ozone?

There are three methods: corona discharge and ultraviolet irradiation are the methods to decompose oxygen molecules to form ozone, and the third method is to obtain ozone by electrolyzing water.

Why ozone can be used for sterilization?

Ozone can destroy bacteria, viruses, various microbial cell walls, DNA and RNA to make them inactive, achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

What is an ozone generator used for?

The ozone generator replicates the natural oxidation process to create a safe, powerful and effective commercial oxidant. Ozone generators are widely used in different industries and can eliminate almost all viruses and bacteria, including odor control, air purification, surface sanitation, various water treatment and purification, aquaculture, food processing, drinking water, bottled water and beverages, agriculture and many other uses. Compared with other chemicals, ozone generator only produces ozone, which can effectively meet the requirements of deodorization, disinfection and sanitation. It does not leave any residues or chemical by-products, and has proven to be the most environmentally friendly disinfection option. More Details >>