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>> CT-YW400G-1000G Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
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CT-YW400G-1000G Oxygen Source Ozone Generator

CT-YW400G-1000G Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
  • CT-YW400G-1000G Oxygen Source Ozone Generator
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CT-YW400G 500G 600G 800G 1000G Oxygen Source Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment.

Main configurations:

1. oil-free air compressor, stable and long service life.

2. refrigerant dryer, cool and dry the air source, for stable and high ozone capacity.

3. air filters, ensure clean, dryer air source, protect ozone generator.

4. air storage tank, ensure right and safe air source for ozone generator.

5. corona discharge ozone generator, stable and high ozone concentration.



· Laboratory: chemical oxidation for raw material of flavors and fragrances, small water treatment experiment

· Beverage process industry: such as pure water, spring water and any other water sterilization and disinfection

· Fruits & vegetables process industry: such us keep fresh, storage etc

· Food process industry: water, workshop, sterile room, equipments, tools

· Pharmaceutical industry: water, air conditioner, workshop, dressing room, sterile room etc

· Medical: ward, operating room, medical devices, sterile room etc


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