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>> CT-AW800G-1000G Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment
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CT-AW800G-1000G Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment

CT-AW800G-1000G Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment
  • CT-AW800G-1000G Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment
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CT-AW800G-1000G Ozone Generator for Wastewater Treatment.

Main configurations:

1. oil-free air compressor, stable and long service life.

2. refrigerant dryer, cool and dry the air source, for stable and high ozone capacity.

3. air filters, ensure clean, dryer air source, protect ozone generator.

4. air storage tank, ensure right and safe air source for ozone generator.

5. corona discharge ozone generator, stable and high ozone concentration.



· Laboratory: chemical oxidation for raw material of flavors and fragrances, small water treatment experiment

· Beverage process industry: such as pure water, spring water and any other water sterilization and disinfection

· Fruits & vegetables process industry: such us keep fresh, storage etc

· Food process industry: water, workshop, sterile room, equipments, tools

· Pharmaceutical industry: water, air conditioner, workshop, dressing room, sterile room etc

· Medical: ward, operating room, medical devices, sterile room etc


How ozone helps in wastewater treatment ?
• Colour Removal - Color is formed by heavy phenol like compounds that have conjugated carbon/ carbon double bonds. Ozone is attracted to break organic double bonds. As more of these bonds are eliminated , the color disappears.

• Removal of Heavy Metals - Ozone oxidizes the transition metals to their higher oxidation state in which they usually form less soluable oxides, easy to separate by filtration. e.g. iron is usually in the ferrous state when it is dissolved in water. With ozone it yields ferric iron, further oxidized in water to ferric hydroxide that is very insoluable precipitates out for filtration. Other metals: Arsenic (in presence of Iron), Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Nickel, Zinc - can be treated in a similar way.

• Improved Coagulation and Turnidity Removal - Oxidation of dissolved organic materials by ozone results forming precipitates. Treatment of a surface water with of ozone results in a decrease in turbidity, improved settle ability and a reduction in the number of particles.

• Algae Removal - Ozonation of a water contaminated with algae oxidizes and floats the algae to the top of the reservoir. The ozone will also oxidize the metabolic by-products of the algae and remove the undesirable odor and taste.

Applications of Ozone for wastewater treatment:
• Oxidation of organic waste.
• Cyanide destruction
• Ground water petrochemical oxidation
• Heavy metal precipitation
• Pulp & paper efflents
• Textile Mill effluents
• Textile Dye, Starch, FOG (Fate, Oil, Grease) elimination
• Pesticide, herbicide and insecticide elimination
• BOD reduction of domestic waste
• Secondary treatments for municipal waste water
• Mining heavy metal precipition
• Sewage water treatment
• Process water treatment


Benefits of using ozone for wastewater treatment
    More effective than chlorine in destroying viruses and bacteria
    Utilizes a short contact time
    No harmful residuals that need to be removed after ozonation because ozone decomposes rapidly
    No regrowth of microorganisms, except for those protected by the particulates in the wastewater stream
    Generated onsite, and thus, there are fewer safety problems associated with shipping and handling
    Elevates the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration of the effluent
    Can eliminate the need for reaeration and also raise the level of DO in the receiving stream
    Clean, safe, and reliable, taking up less space, and less equipment than many chemical treatment/storage systems
    Saves money by eliminating on-going chemical costs
    Destroys all bacteria without a preference to one type of organism. Ozone will also remove some BOD, COD, and many other contaminates in the wastewater stream.
    Filtration will not be necessary after ozone disinfection
    Fewer secondary by-products like trihalomethones (THM) are formed with the use of ozone

    Ozone is most effective, however, by either eliminating or significantly reducing precursors in the raw water responsible for THM formation.

    Oxidation of odor causing compounds in the water may also be a secondary effect of ozone use in wastewater
    Odor control may be completed during the disinfection process
    Micro-pollutant removal and eliminates the need to add processes in the treatment stream with future regulations


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