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>> CT-AW200G-B Ozone Generator Ozone Machine for Water Treatment
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CT-AW200G-B Ozone Generator Ozone Machine for Water Treatment

CT-AW200G-B Ozone Generator Ozone Machine for Water Treatment
  • CT-AW200G-B Ozone Generator Ozone Machine for Water Treatment
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CT-AW200G-B CT-AW300G-B Ozone Generator Ozone machine for Water Treatment.

Complete ozone machine, built-in air compressor, air dryer, corona discharge ozone generator, all parts inside.

Stable ozone output with high ozone concentration, long service life.

Also can feed with external oxygen source for strict treatment.


The principle of disinfection, sterilization and deodorization: The type of Ozone sterilization belongs to biology chemical oxidation reaction.The Oxidation of Ozone decomposes enzyme, which is necessary in the glucose of bacteria, and it also can work with bacteria and virus in order to break it's cell wall and ribonucleic acid and decompose DNA, RNA, protein, lipids, polysaccharide, Macromolecular polymer and so on. It can Permeate in membrane organization, get into internal LPS in the membrane and react with outer membrane lipoprotein to distort things in bacterial permeability that cell would dissolving die. And the genetic gene, parasitic species, parasitic virus particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (metabolites of bacteria and viruses, endotoxin) in the dead cell would dissolved degenerate and die. By using the natural feature of ozone's oxygenation to removal and decompose stink completely which generated in putrefaction decomposing of the ammonia smell and organic pollutants. It breaks up the molecular structure, which produces odor substances, and generate non-toxic, odorless things. Almost all of the swimming pools of some international swimming competitions use the ozone technical treatment. Not only to remove the remaining oxygen in water, and decompose chloroform, bromodichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride and carcinogenicity chlorinated organics, etc. which generated by chlorine Disinfection, but also disinfect. And more economically, extend pool's duration of service and reduce cost. 





Air flow rate



Ozone concentration



Ozone output






Cooling method


Air and Water cooling

Compressed air pressure



Dew point



Line power supply

V Hz






Ozone Generator is mainly used for medical water, pure water, mineral water, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, culture water and food & Beverage industries using water to disinfect and purify. And the derosination, decolorization, albefaction in chemical industry, papermaking industry get the sewage treatment compliance (disinfection, removal BDR, COD, etc) in life, industry and hospital. Besides, reuse of sewage industrial cooling water. 

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