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10G Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Parts

10G Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Parts
  • 10G Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Parts
  • 10G Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Parts
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CT-MQ series air cooled quartz tube ozone generator, it includes 10g/hr corona discharge ozone generator tube + sealed power supply. (if requires adjustable ozone output, please choose CT-AQ series).


Model: CT-MQ10G-A 10G Ozone tube generator


The quartz tube is high temperature resistant, high ozone concentration and stable ozone output.

It's mini gap design for corona discharge tube, ensuring the high effective ozone production and low noise.

Corona discharge ozone tube using high voltage high frequency, but low power consumption, 8~10KW.h/kgO3.

We are using stainless steel 316L for internal electrode of this ozone generator; PVDF material connectors for ensuring several years running without ozone leakage.

Ozone generator electrodes are using with aluminum radiator which is good at heating dissipation, air cooled is easy installation and operation.

Extremely high ozone concentration, about 68-95Mg/L, powerful enough for different air and water purification.


Specifications of CT-MQ10G-A quartz ozone generator tube, spare parts for ozone machine, air purifier, water purifier.

Item Unit Model
Oxygen feed flow rate LPM 1~3 1~4 1~5 1~6
Ozone concentration Mg/L 95~68 120~70 130~72 130~72
Ozone output G/Hr 5.7~12.6 7.2~16.8 7.8~21.6 7.8~25.92
Power W 90 90 adjustable 120 adjustable 160 adjustable 200 adjustable
Power supply dimensions mm 158*65*53 152*72*68 240*118*100 290*118*100 204*136*100
Cooling method / Air cooling
Dew point ~45
Line power supply V/Hz 110/220V  50/60Hz
Ozone tube size mm 190*118*100 204*136*100 204*136*100 225×67×77