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>> 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator with Zeolite Molecular Sieve
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8LPM Oxygen Concentrator with Zeolite Molecular Sieve

8LPM Oxygen Concentrator with Zeolite Molecular Sieve
  • 8LPM Oxygen Concentrator with Zeolite Molecular Sieve
  • Specification

OZOX-ZE series oxygen concentrator, using zeolite oxygen molecular sieve, easy install for oxygen machine, ozone generator, etc.


Rational construction

Modular construction is the main points of our molecular sieve. Through the different combination of oxygen units, the oxygen output can be from 1 LPM to 160 LPM, even higher.

Easy to control

Each unit can be work independently, according to the different oxygen output requirement. And free control for the different unit combinations. So that, it can be suitable used for the standardization of products. Meanwhile, maintenance will be more convenient.

The oxygen output is stable and continuously

Low-pressure oxygenproduction working pressure less than 0.3Mpa.




Oxygen output


Oxygen concentration


Input compressed air





Why ozone generator feed with oxygen rather than ambient air?
1. Ensure the safe and high ozone concentration, suitable for drinking water, food processing, etc.
2. Oxygen source ozone for fish farming, sewage treatment, etc.
Because to oxidize organic matter such as fish excrement, precipitate dissolved matter, destabilize colloidal particles, disinfects the water which requires high ozone concentration. And the former produce higher ozone concentration than the latter.

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