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PH-ORP Meter Water Quality Detector

PH-ORP Meter Water Quality Detector
  • PH-ORP Meter Water Quality Detector
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A new generation of intelligent water quality detector. It can accurately measure pH value, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and temperature in solution. It is widely used for on-line detection of pH value in solutions such as environmental protection, sewage treatment, thermal power, aquaculture, food processing, printing, metallurgy, pharmacy, fermentation, chemical industry and tap water.


Technical indicators:

Model: PH/ORP630

Measurement range: -2.00~16.00ph, -1999~1999mv (ORP), -10~130.0 ℃

Resolution: 0.01ph, 1mv, 0.1 ℃

Accuracy: ±0.01 ph, ± 1mv, ±0.3 ℃

Stability: ≤0.01ph/24h

Ph standard solution: 6.86/4.00/9.18 7.00/4.00/10.01

Temperature compensation: 0~99.9 ℃(PH)

Ph correction range: zero point ±1.45 ph; Slope ±30%

Control interface: two groups of on/off relay contacts, which are divided into high point and low point alarm control.

Signal isolation output: 4 ~ 20ma isolation protection output

Relay: relay hysteresis can be set arbitrarily, and the relay load is 10A 220VAC

Working conditions: ambient temperature 0~60 ℃, relative humidity ≤90%

Input impedance: ≥1 ×1012Ω

Output load: load <500 Ω(0-10ma), load <750 Ω(4-20ma)

Working voltage: 220VAC  50/60Hz

Size: 96 ×ninety-six ×115 mm

Opening size: 91 ×91mm


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