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Ozone Water Concentration Analyser and Monitor

Ozone Water Concentration Analyser and Monitor
  • Ozone Water Concentration Analyser and Monitor
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Ozone Water Concentration Analyser and Monitor

Introduction of this ozone monitor
Ozone analyzer dissolved ozone sensor is mainly used on measuring the ozone concentration of dissolved in the water, It can
continuously measure the concentration of ozone dissolved in water online. It is mainly applied for measuring dissolved
ozone in industrial environment. Its application involves medicine production, chemical industry, municipal administration,
water pollution solving etc.

According to OZ-DOA dissolved ozone sensor calculates the present ozone concentration by measuring the change of
Ultraviolet Intensity before and after absorbing by ozone. This device uses advanced Dual-path Ultraviolet Light Source System
with intelligent lamp tube management system inside. When power is on, the ultraviolet tube can be stimulated into
measuring state immediately. It equips separated option cell technology. This device has advantages with no leakage, high
pressure resistance, high flow of sample gas resistance, easy to be cleaned, convenient maintenance, simple operation, low
using cost and so on.
Application field: Manufacture of ozone generator, municipal water, industry water pollution, fine chemical industry food and
drinking water field, space disinfection industry, pool disinfection, fragrance synthesis industry and other field involved using
ozone generator. 

Main specifications:
Working theory: 254nm ultraviolet absorbing method, double optical path design.  
Working life of ultraviolet bulb:  more than 10,000 hours
Display: graphic character matrix (scalar concentration value, pressure, temperature shown in the same time)
Different choice of concentration unit: mg/L  
Measuring range: 0—30mg/L
Resolution: 0.01 mg/L
Precision: 0.5%
Time of reaction: less than 1s
Zero drift: less than 0.5%
Pressure:  0 < water intake pressure <0.1Mpa
Output signal: 4-20mA,0-5V,double way alarm of low and high concentration(concentration value can be set freely);
               Printer interface;
network connection: RS485
With USB interface, real time data saving
Temperature of working environment: 0—50℃
Hose of input and output:∮6×4mm  
Size: 380×250×130mm
Power: AC 100—240V 10VA
Weight: 4kg

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