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Ozone Concentration Analyzer Ozone Monitor

Ozone Concentration Analyzer Ozone Monitor
  • Ozone Concentration Analyzer Ozone Monitor
  • Ozone Concentration Analyzer Ozone Monitor
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OZ-OA1000 Ozone Analyzer

Based on Lambert Bill's law, the analyzer of OZ-OA1000 by measuring the change of the intensity of the light signal before and after the UV absorption to calculate the current ozone concentration.

The equipment adopts the advanced dual UV light source system with the intelligent management system of the lamp tube and separated photocell technology enables the analyzer has the characteristics of no leakage, anti high pressure, anti large-flow sampling gas impact.

The ozone analyzer has a touch screen operation interface, which shows the real-time ozone concentration. And the touch screen is also with the pressure & temperature compensation display. For the high concentration (g/Nm3) range, it has the function of flow input, which can display the output of the ozone generator in real time.

The core component adopts long-life uv light system with the high light transmittance quartz to prevent zero drifting from affecting the detection accuracy. And no need to close ozone inputing at zeroing to ensure the equipment can run continuously 24 hours.

Application areas: ozone generator manufacturers, municipal water industry, industrial sewage industry, fine chemical industry food and drinking water industry, space disinfection industry, swimming pool disinfection industry, etc.


²  Model : OZ-OA1000

²  Detection Range:0~100ppm, 0~200pp, 0~500ppm

²  Sampling Method: active pressure sampling / pumping sampling

²  Display Interface: 4.3 inch touch screen operation interface

²  Content Interface: ozone concentration, temperature, pressure

²  Auxiliary Function: temperature compensation and pressure compensation

²  Display Unit: ppm

²  Display Resolution: 0.01 g/m3,0.01ppm

²  Gas Flow: 0.5L±0.2L/min

²  Input Pressure: <0.1MPa

²  Concentration Error: max 0.5%

²  Line Deviation: max 0.2%

²  Zero Drifting: <±0.3%.FS(whole range

²  Response Time : signal 0.03s, display 0.3s

²  Ambient Temperature : -20~50℃

²  Pipeline Connection Mode:quick wring (stainless steel);

²  Sampling Caliber of Series Connection:Φ8(8mm*6mm)(optional)

²  Sampling Caliber of Bypass Connection:Φ6(6mm*4mm)

²  Communication Mode: RS-485

²  Output Mode:4-20mA

²  Relay Signal: high alarm point relay signal, low alarm point relay signal.

²  Power Supply:AC 110-220V

²  Dimension:160mm × 260mm × 300mm;

²  Free Warranty: 24 months (main engine)