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Ozone Disinfection in Dairy Operations

Ozone is approved for Use with Food

The USDA and FDA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial agent for use with food processing. With regulatory approval ozone has become a great option for cost-effectively disinfecting food.

Use ozone to disinfect stored food for unprecedented pathogen destruction.


Ozone Advantages
•    the most powerful oxidizer available
•    environmentally friendly
•    no chemical storage required
•    three-thousand times more germicidal than chlorine
•    instant pathogen destruction
•    no harmful chemical residual

Ozone in the Food Industry
Because ozone is a safe powerful disinfectant it can be used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industries. Ozone is particularly suited to the food industry because of its ability to disinfect microorganisms without adding chemical by- products to the food being treated or to the food processing water or atmosphere in which food are stored.
Ozone Applications for Food Products and Processing
•    Washing fruits and vegetables
•    Meat and Poultry Production and Processing
•    Seafood Processing and Aquaculture
•    Food Storage
•    Pest Management
•    Irrigation
•    Air Quality Control
•    Beverage Production

Extended Benefits of Ozone
•    Higher levels of ozone can be used before altering the taste or appearance of the produce.
•    Ozone improves taste and appearance over the use of chlorination alone: Better Quality Produce
•    Ozone lowers counts of spoilage microorganisms in wash water and on produce surface: Longer Shelf Life
•    Ozone keeps wash water cleaner longer: Less Water Usage
•    An ozone treatment is capable of destroying pesticides and chemical residues in wash water and on produce.
•    Eliminate chlorine from a process: No THM's or other chlorinated by-products.
•    Implementing ozone reduces the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens.
•    Ozone leaves no chemical residue: No Final Rinse - Less Water Usage
•    An ozone system mitigates the need for storage handling use and disposal of chemical sanitation agents.
•    In some situations ozone reduces contamination in discharge water: Lower Cost Waste Water Disposal
•    Ozone is natural and chemical free allowing the use of ozone in organic food production and processing.
For specific information on your application and the use of Ozone Generators for your food product please contact us freely.

Ozone and Food Storage
Ozone Helps Produce Last Longer by Extending Shelf Life
Common Applications for Ozone use in Food Storage
•    Potato Storage Facilities
•    Onion Storage Facilities
•    Citrus Fruit Storage
•    Vegetable Storage
•    Aged Ham Storage
•    Cool Meat Storage
•    Preservation of Fish and Seafood
•    General Cold Storage Facilities

Methods of Ozone Application
•    Ozone gas can be distributed throughout a cold storage facility at low levels.
•    Ozone-sterilized ice is used to pack fresh fish and seafood to prolong freshness.
•    Ozone gas is used in meat coolers to inhibit microbiological growth and extend shelf life.
•    Ozone is dissolved into water to wash fruits and vegetables and remove mold and bacteria.
•    Low levels of ozone gas can be used in containers to prolong shelf life upon delivery.
•    Dissolved ozone is used to wash meat and poultry to remove bacteria and extend refrigerated shelf life

Benefits of Ozone Use in Cold Storage
•    Extend shelf-life of the produce within the cold storage facility.
•    Air-borne microbiological control
•    Low ozone levels (<0.3 PPM) will inhibit microbiological growth in the air.
•    High ozone levels can be used for disinfection when room is empty.
•    Surface sanitation can be maintained
•    By inhibiting microbiological growth pathogens on the surface of produce containers and walls will be kept to a minimum.
•    Eliminate mold growth from cold storage area.
•    Odor control
•    Maintain an odor-free cold storage area
•    Keep odors from cross contaminating between products
•    Ethylene Removal

Important Factors in Ozone Storage
Human Safety
Human safety must be factored in to ensure ozone levels are below safe levels when workers are in the area.
Different produce meats and seafood will require different ozone concentrators to achieve effective preservation.
Many fruits and vegetables release ethylene this gas accelerates the ripening process. Ozone rapidly oxidized ethylene.
Food storage facilities are commonly higher humidity areas. Ozone is rapidly decomposed in high humidity areas. Ozone must be rapidly   distributed throughout the area. However humidity can be used to destroy ozone quickly allowing employees to return to an area after the ozone introduction has ceased.
Food to be stored in ozonized atmospheres should be packed to allow circulation of the ozone and air.
High humidity levels will make mold and most bacteria more susceptible to ozone. Ozone control of mold and spores is best conducted in relative high humidity areas.

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